Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Feelings

We're headed into fall after a very busy summer.  Hubby has been at Ft. Knox, KY since last September - we made several trips up over the summer to visit and see all the sights we could during our visits.  His orders were supposed to end at the end of this month, but it appears he is receiving one-year extension orders - but has to move to Ft. Jackson, SC!

So, looks like South Carolina is in the plans for him for the next year - which is quite a bit farther for us to travel, but will give us the opportunity to show the girls new and different parts of the country.  They are especially excited that he will be much closer to a beach, and my oldest has decided that lighthouses are on her agenda!

We're slowly getting our groove going with school - decided to start a bit later this year so we could make the most of our summer and times going to KY.  So we're just heading into our 3rd week.  I'll try to update my school curriculum in the heading sometime this week.

We ended up the spring with what appears to be 10 very viable beehives - we started the summer with 5 and increased to 12 via purchases and splits - 10 of the 10 ended up strong enough to make it through the winter and 2 were combined with other hives since their numbers were too low.

We harvested honey last weekend - we try to leave each hive with about 50 pounds of their own honey to get through the winter and we harvest any above that.  Since so many of our hives were new, we only had 2 that we could harvest - but that netted us about 4.5 gallons of honey!  The girls had a great time using the new extractor and bottling the honey - photos of that coming soon!

October of course means another beef processing month for our ranch - we have 7 steers ready for customers that have pre-ordered.

I'm ready for a touch of fall - it always gets me in the mood of thinking about the coming holidays that I love so much!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Charging Along!

Summer has indeed been charging along for us this year!  With hubby still gone with the Army Reserves, we've taken several trips to see him and have gotten to do some great sight-seeing and vacation-like activities while we were gone.  The girls have had a blast!

We've also been super busy with our ranch- processing and delivering beef and pork all throughout the summer and we've expanded our beehives from 5 this year to 12 now - so this has taken quite a bit of time and effort!

My oldest is still participating in her archery league and loving every minute of it.  My middle daughter is taking some piano lessons through the summer and anxiously looking forward to getting started again weekly this fall.

Believe it or not, my youngest daughter will be starting Kindergarten with us this year - so I'll now be "officially" doing school with all three!  They are excited about getting started this fall and we are working super hard to finally finish converting our dining room into our primary school room.  It is coming along - we got started this week and are working at it a bit each day around some of our other activities.

For a new activity this school year, all 3 of the girls are going to participate in our homeschool association's weekly bowling league. They got a good taste of bowling when we were visiting their Dad at the Army base and they absolutely loved it.  So, bowling league it is this fall.  I love that all 3 will be able to participate in something they like and it is all at the same time, so no need for lots of "car time" getting to and from different activities!

I'm working now on our school schedule for the coming year, which I'll post when I have it finished.  This year we have a 6th grader, a 3rd grader and our little one in Kindergarten - seems so hard to believe!

Hope everyone who is still reading my infrequent posts is having a great summer!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heading Toward Summer!

Spring is moving on in to Summer here in West TN! We've had a very cool start to spring, but this week is all in the 90's- so summer is racing on in!

We've been busy doing many things here, which is why blogging hasn't had much time the past few weeks!

During April and May we delivered 6 steers to beef customers who placed their spring beef orders - The girls all help with the deliveries and earn allowance for doing so. In addition, they learn how our beef is marketed, what the cuts are and get to meet most of our customers. They really have fun on beef delivery days.

We've been busy planting our spring garden - some we need to re-plant due to the recent flooding, but so far we have planted:
~ Red Potatoes
~ White Potatoes
~ Sweet Potatoes
~ Heirloom Tomatoes
~ Roma Tomatoes
~ Bell Peppers
~ Jalapeno Peppers
~ Thai Peppers
~ Chile Peppers
~ Okra
~ Lima Beans
~ Pink-eye Lady Peas
~ Watermelon

Coming up to plant: more Okra, Cucumbers and Canteloupe

We are expanding our bee hives - we're up to 9 now as of last weekend! Managed to have time to paint one of the boxes and decorate it:

Hubby is still at Ft. Knox on Active Duty through at least October of this year - we've taken a few trips up to see him and he's had a couple of weekends to come home. The girls are looking forward to some trips up this summer - there is miniature golf and a water slide right on the base that they can't wait to visit!

About to order all of our new curriculum books for school this fall - my girls will be in the 6th grade, 3rd grade and my youngest starts K! Hard to believe!

Hope everyone is having a great spring!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And We're Off - Archery!

My oldest daughter has been learning archery for the past year by participating with our local homeschool league. She does very well and has an absolute blast with this sport. I have a bow and decided to learn a bit with her so we could have something that we could do together. It is a ton of fun and a great way to get to spend time with her kind-of one on one.

We had not really talked much about participating in tournaments or competitions - she hadn't seemed really interested in the whole "competition" thing, she's always just tried to keep getting better and better.

Well, this year, she decided she wanted to see what some of the tournaments are all about. So we have.

Two weeks ago we participated in our first Invitational - a local one held at the archery shop where we have lessons / practice. It was so much fun - and to top it off - she came in 1st place in her division and so did I.

Last weekend we went to our State Indoor Tournament - it was a weekend event. Close enough that we could drive though, without having any overnight stays. The requirements for this tournament were 60 arrows each day - 12 rounds of 5 arrows each.

Can I just say that we had a blast!! We were surrounded by such a good group of people, good sportsmanship, friendly people having a great weekend doing something they love. It was a fabulous experience.

We won't know for a week or so how we compared to others across the state, but we're so glad we had the experience! My mom and younger 2 daughters even came to watch us on Saturday, then we all went out for a great lunch together. A fantastic way to spend a weekend with my girls!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Just returned from a delicious birthday dinner with my family to celebrate my oldest daughter's 11th birthday. It's rare these days to have dinner out that seems worth the expense, but tonight was definitely an exception. And the pie - oh goodness - the homemade coconut pie was some of the best I've ever had! Definitely a great birthday celebration dinner!